Scrub Pad Replacement Red (Meduim Abrasive)


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These handy scrub pads are a dream to have while reclaiming or degreasing screens. They are super lightweight, easy to handle (especially with a scrub pad handle) and excel at safely removing just about anything from the mesh. They have varying levels of coarseness suiting them for different roles in screen cleaning.

They are perfect for cleaning wood frame screens or aluminum frame screens and white or yellow mesh. For optimal use of scrub pads and chemicals, do not cross contaminate scrub pads and chemicals. Use one scrub pad for degreasing and a different one for reclaiming.

They are also conveniently color coded based on abrasiveness and what they are best suited for.

White Scrub Pad (Degreasing)
Softest scrub pad, used for degreasing screens, and the white color also allows you to see any contaminants

Red Scrub Pad (General Ink & Emulsion Removal)
*Screen Printer Favorite* Medium coarse scrub pad used for the removal of ink and emulsion, good for all mesh counts, frames, emulsions, and general ink removal

Blue Scrub Pad (Special Ink & Emulsion Removal)
Roughest scrub pad of the three, can be used for the removal of emulsion but typically used with coarser mesh counts when printing with glitter or specialty inks that may have small particles. The coarseness aides in removing glitter flakes or other small particles from coarser screens.

Scrub Handle Not Included - Sold Separately