Easy Weed HTV Vinyl Black Board 15" (14.75 Actual )


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Write it, Wipe it, Repeat!

Now you can turn any fabric into a writable surface that can be used over and over again! New BlackBoard™ heat transfer vinyl by Siser®, transforms plain materials into a walking chalkboard – without making you feel like a walking sandwich board! Lightweight and super soft, BlackBoard is unlike any HTV you’ve ever experienced. This revolutionary material only needs 275°F of heat with medium pressure for just 15 seconds to create a machine washable chalkboard! With a low application temperature and warm peel carrier, this HTV is ideal for heat sensitive materials.

Compatible with standard chalk, Blackboard is as easy to re-use as it is to apply. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to start again! There are countless ways to advertise, organize, and customize with BlackBoard heat transfer vinyl.

BlackBoard is CPSIA Certified so you can decorate children’s items with peace of mind.
Ideal Substrates
100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly/Cotton
Application Pressure
Hot or Cold Peel
Can it be layered?
Mask Needed?
Recommended Accessories
Weeder, Heat Transfer Cover Sheet
CPSIA Certified