Siser HTV Vinyl Sparkle Cornflower Blue 12"


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What happens when you take the smooth glitter finish of VideoFlex Glitter and combine it with the easy-to-weed carrier of EasyWeed®? The answer is Sparkle! This new product line from Siser® offers an alternative to those who are looking for a smooth glitter HTV.
Sparkle’s appearance and feel is very similar to our now-discontinued material VideoFlex Glitter. Containing a mix of embedded colored and silver glitter flakes, Sparkle also comes on a pressure-sensitive (sticky) backing to make weeding a breeze!
Additionally, Sparkle is our thinnest glittery HTV, measuring in at just 120 microns. This not only achieves for a soft, lightweight feel but also allows for some flexibility on more stretchy garments.
Finally, Sparkle can be layered on itself along with materials in the EasyWeed family!