Wooden Squeegee Assembly 70 Duro-1 1/4"


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Sold by the inch. If you are ordering multiple assemblies each assembly width needs to be entered in separately.

*Durometer color subject to change due to manufacturing changes

The most essential tool you will have in screen-printing, squeegees push or pull the ink through the mesh and onto the substrate. Square edge design blade. All cut to size by the inch.

Custom sizes are available (call for inquiry). MTN squeegees have high solvent and abrasion resistance that help maintain a long-lasting sharp edge. The wooden handles are ergonomically designed to have a comfortable grip whether you are pushing or pulling your print strokes.

The rubber is durable, and the edge will hold up through countless floods and prints. They are categorized by their durometer (the eloquent word for rubber or plastic hardness) and MTN carries a number of different durometers.

Single Durometer - A single thickness rubber with great versatility and lifespan.

60 - Soft durometer, heavy ink deposit use for low detail prints going through lower mesh counts. Great for printing big block letters, numbers, and spot colors.

70 - The most popular among screen printers, this medium durometer can be used for high or low detail work on all mesh counts.

80 - Hard durometer, lowest ink deposit, use for high detail work and high mesh counts, great for printing fine clean lines and halftones.

Dual Durometer - Two durometers back-to-back, a soft printing side and a hard support side.

60/90 - 60 durometer printing side, 90 durometer support side

70/90 - 70 durometer printing side, 90 durometer support side

Triple Durometer- a hard support durometer sandwiched between 2 soft durometers.

60/90/60 - 60 durometer printing sides, 90 durometer support

70/90/70 - 70 durometer printing sides, 90 durometer support