LC PIM Green LB Quart


$74.17 Each

Ships by December 12, 2022
LC ( Low Cure) Printer's Ink Matching System (PIM) used to match Pantones. High Opacity (HO) for dark colors, low bleed and cures at 230°. Consists of 17 colors, including fluorescents, that can be used to match PANTONE colors or used as direct print inks. All colors have great wet-on-wet print properties and are easy to print. Can be printed onto 100% cotton, without the worry of ghosting, all the way up to 100% polyester garments, some sublimated garments and other substrates sensitive to heat such as grocery bags. Not only will this series help with the troublesome garments that bleed but will also cut-down on power consumption lowering energy costs and keep shops cooler.