FranMar Strip-e-doo Emulsion Remover Gallon


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Emulsion Remover is specifically designed to penetrate and dissolve all types of emulsion as well as capillary film without weakening the mesh.

Formerly known as:

Built-In Degreaser
Changes Color When No Longer Active
Removes Any Brand of Emulsion or Capillary Film
Works Great to Reclaim Silkscreens

Emulsion Remover breaks down the toughest of emulsions, capillary films, and stencils without weakening the screen mesh. This powerful emulsion remover is formulated with a built-in degreaser that changes color when no longer active, saving time and money. Franmar’s Emulsion Remover has revolutionized the once unpleasant process of screen reclaiming.

100% Biodegradable