Easyweed Electric Pink is the Newest trend in CAD-Materials for the fashion industry. It’s EasyWeed with an “electric” effect. Easyweed Electric is on a pressure sensitive carrier that makes it easier to weed small letters and fine detail.EasyWeed Electric really makes t-shirt designs stand out with it’s “electric” effect which can best be described as a cross between an iridescent and metallic look.Power up any design with shimmer and fun in your choice of 13 fashionable colors.

Compatible Fabrics:
 100% polyester
 100% cotton
 All poly/cotton blends

Suggested Uses:
 Two color names and numbers
 Multi-color logos
 Great for uniforms and work wear

•All designs must be cut in reverse
•Preheat garment in heat press at 302 – 315° F degrees for 4 seconds
•Position EasyWeed Cad Cut Material application on garment
•Heat apply at 302F degrees for 10-15 seconds, medium pressure
•Peel hot for regular colors and peel cold for fluorescent colors

Siser Weeder, Kraft Paper or Teflon Sheet

EasyWeed Electric Application Guide