Bio-1 is a water-soluble ink degradent and stain remover. Formulated using biodegradable and organic compounds that make Bio-1 environmentally acceptable, safe and highly effective. The 100% active formula of Bio-1 works on contact by immediately penetrating and dissolving all types of graphic and textile inks. Bio-1 efficiently removes plastisol, UV, conventional/solvent based, water based, enamel, electronic, epoxy and vinyl inks from screens. The built ink stain remover aggressively removes image stains without harming the mesh. Bio-1 rinses freely and easily with water and has a very pleasant bubblegum scent.


  •  Biodegradable and drain safe
  •  High solvency
  •  Excellent stain removal
  •  Mesh safe
  •  Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive
  •  Lower cost per usage


Always card excess ink from the screen prior to beginning reclaim. Spray the ink side of the screen in a light, even pattern. Agitate the ink with a brush or cloth. Rinse with a cold water, low volume, high-pressure rinse. For best results, use on dry screens.


  • Appearance : Clear, amber liquid
  • Odor : Bubblegum
  • pH : N/A
  • Flash Point :162°F
  • Shipping : Non-hazardous