The MD8 is a compact, powerful gas fired conveyor dryer designed to cure a wide variety of substrates.

The Powerhouse Series II is the most innovative dryer on the market with advanced heat chamber features, touch screen tablet control, and advanced air flow and air handling.

The Powerhouse Quartz Dryer is created to increase productivity in any shop with infrared energy, reflectors for 180-degree energy strikes, an efficient convection system and quick start up times.

These compact dryers allow you to produce professional, long lasting images even with a limited space or budget.

Workhorse MD8 Series


Infra-Red Panel
Cooling Sections
Additional Conveyor Sections
Hi-Temp Feature: Up to 450 Degrees
Electric Hot Air Burner
Automatic Doffing System for Flat Goods
UV Curing Capability with Vacuum Hold Down
Split Belts with Independent Speed Adjustments

The MD8 is a compact, powerful gas fired dryer designed to cure a wide variety of substrates. The MD8 has many of the features commonly found with larger dryers combined with a space savings footprint and competitive price. This dryer is designed to cure all types of screen printed, digital printed and other coated products. The MD8 offers a patented Air Deflector Recycling System that re-circulates heated air through the heat chamber providing some of the most efficient and balanced curing on the market.

  • 36”, 48” and 60” belt widths
  • Additional hot air and infeed/exit conveyor attachments with a patented air deflector recycling system
  • Powerful 500,000 BTU stainless steel burner
  • Easy access for cleaning with a slide out easy-clean filter drawer and side access clean out door


Standard 8' Oven Section

Double wall insulated construction with efficient airflow system.

Easy Access Controls

Conveyor speed control, Digital Control, and Air Temperature Control.

High Temp Self-tracking Belt

Teflon Coated belt with a width of 36” to 60”, equipped with a belt tracking system and a 1 HP drive motor.

MD8 Series

Powerhouse Series II

The Powerhouse Series II cures plastisol and water-based ink systems as well as other evaporative cured inks at industrial rated production speeds. The control center is managed via a touch screen tablet which is easy to use while providing you much more information than ever before. A ground up redesign of the air handling system now offers a powerful yet controllable air flow that is easily matched to your ink system. Touch screen control, adjustable height heaters, adjustable air volume and various sizes for any production requirement. This is your next Dryer.

  • Cures plastisol, water-based, discharge, and other evaporative cured inks
  • Advanced air flow and air handling
  • Adjustable height heating elements
  • Multiple configurations available to fit any shop


Infrared Panel Heating Elements

Powered by electricity, the heating chamber is capable of curing any ink.

Touch Screen Tablet Control

Operating on the Workhorse OS the tablet allows for easy control of belt speed, temperature, and monitoring production cost per hour.

Adjustable Exhaust

Easily adjust air circulation and exhaust settings for multiple curing needs.

Powerhouse Quartz Dryers

Quartz technology makes the difference. Our claim to fame with the Powerhouse series is our true understanding of Infrared energy, its emission, and how it affects different materials. Our Quartz technology provides near instant-on capabilities for curing plastisols. With warm up times in seconds and not minutes, it’s no wonder shop owners look to us for higher productivity. The Powerhouse Series’ 180 degree radiant pattern of emission means energy strikes from all angles, unlike standard panel dryers that only omit energy perpendicular to the panel. Simply put, the quartz technology in the Powerhouse Series provides a more uniform cure; even on shirts that are not perfectly flat.

  • 4-point belt tracking makes it easy to setup your dryer and extends belt life
  • Optional add-on in feed and out feed facilitates garment loading and unloading
  • Adjustable oven doors help to retain oven temperature
  • Removable oven hood provides easy access for regular cleaning


Digital Control Center

The Powerhouse uses state-of-the-art electronics and solid state components to accurately manage temperature and belt speed.

360 Degree Infrared Energy Emission

The Powerhouse provides the most uniform cure with it’s 180-degree radiant pattern of emission, reflectors, and efficient convection system.

Built In Accessible Exhaust

The exhaust comes standard with the Powerhouse, giving the ability to release smoke, odor and heat outside of the building.

Powerhouse Quartz Dryer

Odyssey Compact Conveyor Dryers

These compact dryers allow you to produce professional, long lasting images even with a limited space or budget. The double wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain oven heat while the exhaust flange allows removal of fumes from your shop. These dryers handle a wide variety of imprintables, caps, jackets, sweats, and transfers just to name a few.

  • Adjustable belt speed and oven doors
  • Large heat panel
  • Double wall construction
  • Exhaust connection


Precise Controls

With a digital timer and belt speed control, easily control temperature and belt speed.

Adjustable Heat Shields & Air Circulation Fan/Exhaust

The double wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain heat while the exhaust flange allows removal of fumes from your shop.

Super Compact

The CD205 is 67 inches x 30 inches, and the CD227 is only 84 inches x 30 inches.

Odyssey Compact Dryers