ChromaTech WR is a NEW water resistant pure photopolymer emulsion. ChromaTech WR is an emulsion formulated specifically for use with discharge inks, water-based inks and plastisol inks. It provides very good resolution and excellent resistance in long run applications for textile printers.

  • Fast Exposure
  • Excellent mesh bridging
  • Sharp image quality
  • Resistance to plastisol, water and discharge inks
  • Diazo may be added to increase the water resistance


Using mesh degreaser, work up a lather on both sides of mesh. Flood screen printing frame with garden type hose, then dry.

Fill scoop coater with room temperature emulsion. Slowly apply first coat to print side. Then coat squeegee side with one to three coats depending upon thickness required. If thicker stencil is required, additional coats may be applied to print side after initial drying of stencil. Be sure to dry thoroughly between coats.

Thoroughly dry screen prior to exposure. Temperature should not exceed 110°F (43°C).

Exposure tests must be performed on the ChromaTech®WR emulsion to determine proper exposure times.

Gently spray both sides of screen with water. Wait 30 seconds then gently wash print side of the screen until image is fully open. Rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry screen completely and you are ready to print.

Apply Emulsion Remover screen reclaimer to both sides of screen. Scrub area to be reclaimed with a stiff nylon brush to ensure entire surface is wet and let it work a few moments until stencil begins to dissolve. Remove stencil residue with pressure washer, then rinse with garden type hose, thoroughly flooding screen and frame.