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Accuink For Espon Printers

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    • Chromaline's AccuInk is a dye/water-based ink, specially formulated with UV-blocking technology to provide you with the highest image density with the least amount of ink.  You'll experience lower print costs and easier stencil washout, compared to OEM inks. Important note, any Clear Set will NOT include a Photoblack Slot Cartridge.Features:
      • Dye-based for the deepest black
      • UV-blocker added to improve stencil washout
      • A perfect match with Chromaline's AccuJet & AccuBlack films
      This is the all Black Ink Set
  • Dye based inkjet cartridges for producing artwork positives engineered for use with Chromaline’s line of industry leading AccuArt™ films.This set includes 6 black cartridges.